November 18, 2014


I started this blog in 2011, when I was in school and I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I needed an outlet that gave my soul meaning. Its three years later and I have finished school, but sometimes still feel like I am spinning my wheels. Obviously I have been working more, and crafting less. Which is okay for the bank account, a bit numbing to my soul. I find the opportunities to stay fulfilled in life, but have obviously gotten away from blogging.

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking of creating a new blog, calling it something like Passionate Ramblings, mostly because I don't really have a specific path that I want my blog to go in, so it would be just me rambling about. I signed into blogger today and saw that somehow this blog has still been getting traffic, with me MIA. So I am going to add to this blog because hobby gathering is something that I am still doing. I still experiment with cooking and art, and have gained some new interests like jewelry and writing and experimenting with different job opportunities.

November 16, 2014

Exploring New Foods

I love going into the grocery stores and not having a list of what I need, but going in thinking that I need to expand my food repertoire and I need to try new things.  I am a vegetarian and am also gluten intolerant (it gives me migraines, so I stay away from it as much as possible), which means there are several brands of prepackaged foods I eat on a regular basis, and am getting tired of them. So exploring new stores for unique food is pretty high on my to do list. 

On this particular trip I went into Whole Foods to explore, and overall the foods I tried lead to positive results.

I bought a Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip, that is pretty good. I was happy to see that it was lower in calories that many regular dips because it is made with greek yogurt, which is lower in fat.  There seems to be a lot of celery in this dip, so if you don't like celery steer clear of this product.  I like celery well enough, so it doesn't bother me.

I bought two bags of chips/crackers to accompany my Spinach & Kale dip.  These tortilla chips are not your average tortilla chips.  Each color is a different flavor so with each bite your taste-buds are excited.  I also got edamame chips.  The are on the hard side, and hard to use with a dip.

And finally dried peaches.  I bought these because they are a pretty unusual dried fruit.  You can't go into your regular grocery store and get them, so I was excited for something else to savor. 

December 17, 2013

Art Journal III

Being creative always brightens my day.  Sometimes when I am having a bad day or a bad week I start feeling the need to so crafts.  Sometimes I want to bring out all my craft supplies and spend hours making things, other days I need something light and easy.  During this crafting session I just pulled out my water colors and started putting colors and designs wherever I felt. This time I started in the center and worked my way out, painting whatever I felt and was inspired to create.

I began my painting with a star in the center.  This star was inspired by the sun/star decoration from the movie Tangled.  Its my favorite movie.  I am not the best artist so it came out a little odd, but painting relieved the stress I was feeling.

December 11, 2013

Long Walks at Christmas Time

Tonight I went on a long walk.  It was one of those walks that I needed to clear my head.  Sometimes my brain just ruminates on the same topic over and over again for hours and I end up obsessing and working myself up over things I can't control.  This is an ongoing problem that makes me unable to relax and move forward.  To help combat this circular thinking today I went on a long walk around my neighborhood. 

The scenery was amazing.  I couldn't help but look up at the setting sun and be amazed at the shadows it made on the mountains.  Not only was the scenery gorgeous, but the christmas decorations put a smile on my face.

In my neighborhood people go a little crazy with christmas decorations - but in a good way.  I do love christmas lights, but this year I feel so much more in the holiday spirit coming home from work everyday and seeing these gorgeous light displays.  Obviously since I took my walk while the sun was setting I wasn't able to take pictures of all the houses with there lights on, but don't worry, those pictures will be coming soon. There were so many cute decorations, so here are a few I hope make you smile. 

Typical AZ Chirstmas "Snowman"

December 6, 2013

Quick and Easy Oat Snack on My Day Off

It's my second day off work, and I am feeling well rested and ready to do some baking.  So I have had this recipe on my 'to do' list for months now.  And its super easy, I am not sure why it took me so long to get up and make the dang thing.  There is a lot of sugar in these, and at some point I may try to rework these, but for now I am sticking to a tried and true recipe.

I found the recipe on Happy Hour Projects.  And these are called English Flapjacks.  They are an easy oatmeal snack, not super healthy, but very tasty.  The original recipe said that it makes about 14 small cakes, but I did not want to take out two cupcake tins so I pushed all the mix into 12 cakes.  You can even make them in large muffin tins which would make less little cakes, but would give you a bigger snack.

The Recipe:
3 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup butter substitute
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 tbs golden corn syrup

How to:
Melt brown sugar, butter, and corn syrup in a small pot.
When the sugar is completely dissolved add in rolled oats. 
In a greased cupcake tin, portion out oat mixture into each tin.
Bake 18 minutes at 350 degrees.

The Result:
These are really good.  I like them because they are super quick to put together, and in no time at all I can have a fiber-ous snack that I can eat all week!  For all the sugar they have in them they are not as sweet as I expected.  They just have a touch of sweetness which makes them tasty.  Next time I think I will try to make them more like a granola bar by adding nuts and maybe dried fruit to it.  I think the addition of vanilla to the recipe would be really good too.  

You can find the recipe here.