July 21, 2012

Art Journal II

Another day of drawing and coloring. 

Was inspired by a pinterest pic (go figure).  Find the tutorial HERE.   

My version is pretty good for a first attempt.  What I would suggest is that you remember that when you begin this process your starting points do not have to be equally spaced.  Mine were really close to equally spaced so some of the columns came out even, which is not as cool as if they are all different and weaving.

July 13, 2012

Art Journal I

This week I have decided that I want to start an art journal.  For the past four months I have been focusing on school, and having little time for things I actually like (like crafting) because they seem to take up time I dont have.

But now that it is summer there is so much time, and so much inspiration all over Pinterest that I had no excuse not to do something. So a few weeks ago I told myself I needed to sit down and start some kind of art.

I was feeling so deprived of my crafting ability, but I did not want to actually sit down and do anything because I am so worried about not making it perfectly.  For a week I had to almost work up the courage to begin making art.  Its weird to say, but I really dont want to do art because I will be disappointed in myself for being bad at it.

However, because I have all this inspiration online, I went out and bought a notebook early in the week, and began doing things.

My first piece is some cutouts with my hand print in the background.  The hand print did not come out as well as I would have hoped, so I covered a bit of it  up with a picture, so it hides the imperfections.