August 29, 2011

Bones Exposed

I am upset to find out that the only reason Brennan and Booth got together was because in real like the actress who plays Bones is pregnant.  While its great for her (and congratulations!) I would have liked to see there characters go through a courting (so to speak) where I get to see their attraction explode.  But when the season finished (and before I knew she was actually pregnant) I thought that the idea was a great idea to suddenly bring them together.  I was disappointed to have not seen more romance, but I guess you can only take what you can get.  Any romance is better than no romance.

August 25, 2011

Documentary Marathon

So I just discovered the documentary section of my netflix.  It all started with a fellow bloggers suggestion about watching "No Impact Man." This documentary shows you the extreme of what you could do to reduce your impact on the world. What really got me was how they radically changed their diet and were still able to have variety and made really good food.  I have recently became a vegetarian for the second time, and so I am trying lots of new recipes and I was excited about what they did, and how they got their food and learned about where they came from. 

Another blogger friend reviewed "Food Matters." Here is a small trailer.  It is an amazing movie!  I want to buy it, then share it with everyone I know!  Seriously, this movie talks about how foods are made, what they contain by the time they reach our table, and what we should be aware of in terms of supplements.  I am all for supplements and vitamin.  From this movie I bough two supplements because of their suggestions.  One, niacin for my depression, and two vitamin c because I have high anxiety levels and therefor I am stressed.  An aside note that I learned from my naturepath doctor is that taking an omega 3 vitamin is very good for you.  It have the vitamin that helps with improving brain function, and is also suppose to help decrease depression.  What else can I tell you......? I love it.  It encourages people to eat locally, there is no gore about inhumane animal treatment, it is all about how food should make you feel better, and some studies that reinforce that view. 

"Fat Head"  This is a documentary that is a paradox to "Supersize Me."  He is showing that he can eat at fast food chains for 3 meals a day, and how he will not gain a dramatic amount of weight, if any.  This man is being a bit (or a lot) dramatic about many things. He does little side acts where he is alone narrating his actions, and they exaggerate every action.  Mostly he shows and talks about how healthy food is boring and how hates eating it. He tried one one meal with lots of soy products, no wonder it wasn't good - maybe try something with more flavor and more vegetables, he's dumb.  I agree that "supersize me" may be a bit dramatic, that maybe there is a healthy way to eat at fast food; but at least "supersize me" was not so blatantly slamming other researchers.  And also the "fat head" narrator doesn't even talk about nutrition.  Which I think is very important, and apparently he doesn't.  I was only able to watch 32 minutes of this documentary, it was annoying. 

And then school started so I haven't been able to watch many other documentaries yet.  But I will and I will keep you posted on which ones are worth watching.

August 12, 2011

Fabric question

I saw the most amazing fabric on a baby's dress.  And I am so in love with it I want to make clothes with it right now!  Its a pale, gray and light blue; with some muted greens and blues for the polka dots.

Ok, so these are some bad pictures of the outfit.  Babies are so squirmy that I could not for the life of me get a good picture.

Has anyone out there seen a fabric like or similar to this??? And where did you find it?

August 11, 2011

Crayon Melting.

I saw this tutorial yesterday, about making a crayon melted picture, which was super easy, so I was super excited to try it.  I found the tutorial from Tracy at Naptime = Craft time!: Melty Crayon Canvas Art

I am not sure why I got so excited about this project... I thought the colors were pretty and it would be a nice piece to display in a room.  As luck would have it, I found a crayon box in my scrapbooking stuff while I was organizing all my stickers.  I recently went to Michaels and found a variety pack of all types of scrapbooking supplies, and I love spending only $10 on a package of 14 or 15 items.  So as I was putting away my new stickers and stuff I found this box of crayons, and I knew it was a sign that I had to do this project.

I began by laying my crayons in a rainbow pattern.  I tried them in different patterns but I did not like it at all.  So I hot glued them to my canvas, and put it out in the morning. And I made it so that all the color names were facing out.

What is funny is that the blues melted within the first 2 hours.  Next was the purples.  Tracy warned that in her city the crayons did not melt outside.  But in Arizona at about 1:00 it is hot as heck and they melted super quick.  The colors fell as I was standing outside watching.  I then had to move the canvas so that it was in more direct sunlight, and the crayons still melted based on color.  Green, yellow, red, orange.

The last few colors melted hours after the first ones did, so there is an uneven melt (the colors that melted first have a thin layer of color because it ran down the canvas a lot longer that other colors).  Next time I do this project, if I ever do, I will wait until the middle of the day to put the crayons out, in the hopes that they will melt at the same pace.

I also added stickers to mine in the hopes that I was get an outline of the letters.  It did not work too well.  First the stickers were not very sticky so the melted crayon went behind the sticker back.  Then because of the uneven coating it was hard to get the stickers up cleanly.  So I painted over where the stickers were so that they would be in greater contrast to the colors.

So for the FINALE:
you can really see the uneven-ness of my colors, and it does look better in person.

August 9, 2011

Better than Food, Inc.?

Have you ever seen the movie food inc?  It is a documentary that shows you a different side of the food industry.  It gives a back story to the things we see everyday in our homes and at the stores.  It is an incredible documentary that I highly recommend.  You can check out a trailer as well as see some of the other things supporters are doing to improve food quality here at the food inc home page. 

I have seen this documentary a time or two as well as clips from it and it touches a part of my soul.  I have often made the vow to eat less processed foods and go vegetarian.  But as life is, sometimes I get busy and lazy and have not always fulfilled my vows.   I want to renew my vow to become a vegetarian, and one day a vegan. I have been a vegetarian before so I do not think it will be that hard to revert back, but anyways I want to tell you about a new video I saw that has sparked such a drastic change in me. 

On my facebook I am a fan of FOOD, inc. and so there is this pop-up on the side screen that is advertized every time I get on the internet.  Tonight I decide to watch it because I had no other noise around me.  It is simply called meat video.  You can find it at

Let me tell you it is horrific!!!! I started watching, innocently enough, and I kid you not, I was crying with 45 second of it starting.  It is awful what people do to animals.  The beginning shows how pigs are treated, and I am a pig lover.  Not their meat, but of the actual pig.  I have been obsessed since high school and really want a baby pig as a pet.  Anyway seeing less than a minute of it made me cry and feel horrible.  I had to turn it off immediately.  I cannot imagine what happens to other animals and I do not want to know, but I know I will never be eating animal meat again.  I am not a big meat eater anyway, bit now it will not happen ever again, I do not want to be a part people being cruel to animals. 

Post it note Tuesday

Its Tuesday right??? I cannot keep track.  My days have been the same everyday that it is hard to keep track.

Again what is stressing me out is school.  I hate research methods.  But it is required for my degree, so I have to take it.  There is so much to do and I think the instructor wants us to start even before classes of the college start.  I have to investigate that more.

So I have been hearing about cognitive behavioral therapy, where you change your habits in thinking and action.  So I am trying this mantra.  And today it changed a little.  I had to add the school part today because sometimes I do not have enough faith in myself.

Only Parent Chronicles

August 2, 2011

Post it note tuesday

I am joining a new blog hop, well kind of.  I am not sure how to explain it. It's called Post It Tuesday at only parent chronicles.  You make your own post it notes, post them on your blog, and link back to her site.  Its interesting the read all the different things people are going through right now.

I'm linking up to:

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