August 21, 2012

First world problem

I have been reading this other blog quite religiously (Health Freak College Girl) and she keeps referring to the "first world problem."  Reading one of her posts earlier this month was the first time I was exposed to this idea.  This picture sums it up nicely.

It kind of refers to the fact that as a wealthy country we have more luxuries than others.  Like those in third world countries don't have access to clean water, which is something that is critical to life.  And even with the luxuries of our life we still have things we can complain about.

So my problem, although it is nothing big in the grand scheme of things, still makes me crazy.

Anyways since school started I have decided that I hate my current backpack.  It is purple and white and so is just not me anymore.  I have outgrown it or something.  Anyways, I want to buy another one, but I really don't need one because I have a fully functional backpack at my fingertips.  So I am putting off the purchase thinking maybe one day I will change my mind and get over my want for something new.

August 12, 2012

Impromp-to applesauce muffins

Oh, when bananas go bad it is a bummer.  I dont eat them unless they are perfectly yellow with no black spots.  Well, as you may guess I don't eat a lot of bananas because they cannot all be perfect.  So I watch them sit on the counter becoming brown and wilting until it is just the right time to bake some banana bread something.

I would guess that most people do not like the soggy bananas, but I am proven wrong by my brother.  I have watched three bananas ripen this week, and no one has touched them.  Well, the day before I am planning on making some banana bread muffins one of them is gone.  I am a bit set back by this, but the remaining two are still very big.  The next night, at about 9:00 when I feel like making my muffins I set out all the flour sugar and other stuff I need, go to find my bananas and they are gone!  GONE I tell you!  So I get upset for like a minute and decide to scrap making anything this night.  After sitting on the couch I realize that I am in the mood to bake and so I must do something.

I found the banana bread recipe here.  Well without bananas I had to improvise, so here is the recipe that I came up with, and it is vegan too.

Muffin Ingredients:
1/4 cup oil
1 cup sugar
2 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1 cup applesauce

I mixed all the ingredients together and decided it needed something more.  So then I went nuts and added nuts.  1 cup walnut and 1cup pecans, chopped.  With half the mix they were just applesauce nut muffins.  Then with the other half of the dough I added dried cherries into it to mix it up.  The ones with just nuts are much better that the ones with dried cherries.  I think dried cherries are too tart, but I had them left over so I decided to experiment.  After these muffins are gone I plan to make another batch, this time with yogurt chips and dried cranberries.