October 19, 2011

Movie Review -Abdution

If you like suspense and action this movie is for you.  It begins about a boy who seems to be living a normal life, until he finds his picture on a missing persons website.  He is curious, as most people would be, and starts to investigate. And when he begins this he is exposed to a world he never imagined.  He is being chased by the CIA and an organized crime family because his real father is in possession of sensitive information.  The CIA want to protect him, and the crime family wants to trade him for the secrets his father keeps.  I will end my synopsis here so that I do not give away too much.

This movie is suspenseful.  It is not an overwhelming feeling when you watch the movie because, like every other action movie, you know eventually the main character will win.  There is some good fighting in this movie.  There are also some chase scenes which add some excitement to the movie.

A critique:  the main character is not a very good actor, so the movie suffers a little in that way.

One thing that is kind of bothering me about the movie now is the role of the girl, that plays alongside the main character.  This girl is someone he likes, and she witnesses his parents murder so the boy feels the need to protect her, to take her with him to be protected.  Well turns out to be the classical damsel in distress kind of scenario.  Although the damsel does not have the problem the main character must protect her, because she has become involved in the craziness.  So she tags along and adds some sex to the plot, but is little more than eye candy for the audience.

I tried again

This weekend a boy from school invited me to go with him to a vegetarian get together (its a group called VEGphoenix).  And I decided to go because I am kind of attracted to this guy.  I don't think this was a true date, because it was kind of about getting together but then also meeting new people.  And I decided to go because I wanted to show him that I am interested in him.  And so I got to spend time with him, while also meeting new friends.

The group met up at z pizza.  Have you ever been there? Well they have some awesome pizza and vegan pizza if you are a vegan.  It was so yummy! And the company was good and I had much more fun than I expected.  But I don't think he had as much fun because the table we sat at was all girls.

So at least I tried to show him my interest in him, I am sure I would have regretted not going.  So now we will see what happens as the semester goes on.

October 4, 2011

Walk for Farm Animals

So I recently became a vegetarian.  And I did it because I did not want to be a part of the cruelty toward animals that happens on factory farms.  I have posted one thing earlier .

So this weekend I went to a vegetarian event, where lots of people come out and hang out at an eating place.  It was weird, but I ended up really having a good time.  And it is so good that I went because I met a girl named Ana, see her blog here, and she told me about this walk that is happening at the end of the month.  Its called Walk for Farm Animals.  The money raised by this walk is donated to animal sanctuaries so that they can stay open and save animals from awful conditions.  So I immediately knew that I would sign up.

So today I officially signed up.  I have created a fundraising page for anyone who wants to support the cause.  I want to raise $100 so that I can get a t-shirt.  It seems pretty expensive for a t-shirt, I admit, but maybe with lots of people chipping in a little bit of money I can make it.

This will lead to the profile page that I created.  I am also posting it on the top of my blog so that I can show others what it is all about and maybe see if they are interested.

I would appreciate any support, but there is no obligation.  I just wanted to make people aware of it, in the hopes that maybe if this is happening in your area you may want to take part in it.

At a fork in the road, not literally though

By the end of the week, I will probably be very stressed out.  And it will not be pretty :(

Only Parent Chronicles

October 2, 2011

My favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things this week:

This week I have just become addicted.  There are sooooo many good things.  Many documentaries, and all of these movies that I have wanted to see, but then forgot about them, and the tv shows that are on there.  good variety, not everything I would want, but enough to keep me interested.  I also found some workout shows.  I like the 10 minute boot camp one.  It is one thing for 10 minutes then she moves on to a different group of muscles.  Its a good one.

EASY by Rascal Flatts ft. Natasha Bedingfeild
This song grows on you.  I love the way Bedingfields voice is a little raspy, it adds volumes to the song.  The duet is powerful and full of emotion.  This has been going through my head all night.  I wake up to find a more comfortable position and I find myself singing the song.  It's crazy!

Best line "what he don't know, is how hard it is to make it look so easy."