August 25, 2011

Documentary Marathon

So I just discovered the documentary section of my netflix.  It all started with a fellow bloggers suggestion about watching "No Impact Man." This documentary shows you the extreme of what you could do to reduce your impact on the world. What really got me was how they radically changed their diet and were still able to have variety and made really good food.  I have recently became a vegetarian for the second time, and so I am trying lots of new recipes and I was excited about what they did, and how they got their food and learned about where they came from. 

Another blogger friend reviewed "Food Matters." Here is a small trailer.  It is an amazing movie!  I want to buy it, then share it with everyone I know!  Seriously, this movie talks about how foods are made, what they contain by the time they reach our table, and what we should be aware of in terms of supplements.  I am all for supplements and vitamin.  From this movie I bough two supplements because of their suggestions.  One, niacin for my depression, and two vitamin c because I have high anxiety levels and therefor I am stressed.  An aside note that I learned from my naturepath doctor is that taking an omega 3 vitamin is very good for you.  It have the vitamin that helps with improving brain function, and is also suppose to help decrease depression.  What else can I tell you......? I love it.  It encourages people to eat locally, there is no gore about inhumane animal treatment, it is all about how food should make you feel better, and some studies that reinforce that view. 

"Fat Head"  This is a documentary that is a paradox to "Supersize Me."  He is showing that he can eat at fast food chains for 3 meals a day, and how he will not gain a dramatic amount of weight, if any.  This man is being a bit (or a lot) dramatic about many things. He does little side acts where he is alone narrating his actions, and they exaggerate every action.  Mostly he shows and talks about how healthy food is boring and how hates eating it. He tried one one meal with lots of soy products, no wonder it wasn't good - maybe try something with more flavor and more vegetables, he's dumb.  I agree that "supersize me" may be a bit dramatic, that maybe there is a healthy way to eat at fast food; but at least "supersize me" was not so blatantly slamming other researchers.  And also the "fat head" narrator doesn't even talk about nutrition.  Which I think is very important, and apparently he doesn't.  I was only able to watch 32 minutes of this documentary, it was annoying. 

And then school started so I haven't been able to watch many other documentaries yet.  But I will and I will keep you posted on which ones are worth watching.

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  1. I love this post - I'm getting my husband to put these on our Netflix list - I love documentaries