June 27, 2011

Heart Frame

This is a frame I wanted to make  for mothers day, but time ran out, and the words I wanted to add didn't fit, and its been sitting around unfinished )with hearts not along the bottom half) until today.

I Finally Finished!


Gather materials: paintbrush, red and white hues of paint, wooden frame, stamps of hearts (I cut the hearts out of sponges), varnish.

1. Paint frame with several coats.  My base coat was a bright pink mixed with white to soften the color.

2. Get stampers ready.  Put out little quarter size colors of paint.  Then fill the sponge, and stamp onto you frame.  This was kind of tedious because you have to wash the sponge after each color.  Don't forget to mix colors too, it gives you pretty and unique colors.

3. Let dry.

4. Varnish.

Optional 5.  Originally, I my frame so that it could sit on a desk, but now I have decided that I want it to hang on the wall. So I attached ribbon to the back using hot glue then was able to hang it on the wall with a nail.

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  1. very cute and girly!! Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday :)