June 29, 2011

My loving Turtles

I have the cutest pet turtles!

Okay, so their proper name is tortoise, but turtle is much easier to say, or just sounds cuter so that is what we call our incredibly cute pets.  Our house has three turtles.   One is my mom's, and the two others are considered mine.  This means that when I am grown and get married I will take my two turtles with me.

I am obsessed with watching them eat and explore the backyard.  They do nothing special, but I think they are so cute.  We got them from a friend when they were about a month old, and have watched them grow up.

I have named mine Freckles and Mogli.  My mom's turtle is named baby, and - you guessed it - she is the littlest.

This is when we first got them.

Then they get bigger.  This picture was taken when they were about one year old.

Then we began putting them outside to explore and get exercise.

Currently we keep one outside all the time because she is soooo big.  If you outstretched you hands, separating all your fingers and putting your pinkies together, that is how big the biggest one, mogli, is.  Its crazy, and she is getting heavy too.

I sometimes dress them up too.


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  1. We had a turtle/tortoise for years. She just found us one day. Such a fun, gentle spirit! Have fun w/yours!

  2. Oh! They look so fun. I wanted a turtle badly when I was in high school.

  3. Too cute! I love how you dress them up :)

  4. My daughter loved these pictures. She wants turtles so bad!!

    I am a new follower!


  5. Ohhh, that reminds me of my pet turtle, Sammy, I had when I was a little girl.
    New follower through Sisterhood Saturday.