July 1, 2011

P & P spinoff

I am a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.  In high school I did a huge project on her and this particular book, and suddenly Austin has become an obsession of mine.  I like most of the spin-off books of Pride and Prejudice, because they have the same tone and styles of the original work.

What Would Mr. Darcy Do?  Abigail Reynolds

Obviously this is a spin off of Pride and Prejudice.  This story begins in the middle of pride and prejudice, around the time Lydia goes missing, and Elizabeth has once refused Darcy's proposal.  The story really delves into the emotions and thoughts of Elizabeth and Darcy, and how they are trying to come to terms with and comprehend their love for one another.  Elizabeth is learning about her love, while Darcy is worried about losing Elizabeth forever.   

There is an obvious presence of Austin throughout the novel, with more description of the physical attraction between the two.  Reynolds does an amazing job of making sure the actions of each character are the ones that would have been done in the time of Austin.  The romance is all about short glances, being in the presence of another, and soft touches.  Her descriptions of their actions and their interactions create romantic, intimate scenes, that are the epitome of true love.

This novel also goes beyond where Pride and Prejudice stops.  It takes you through the engagement, the courting (if you can call it that), and the marriage.  It is the best Austin spinoff I have read, and I am going to read all her Austin spinoffs.

The beginning of the novel felt very rushed as I read it, it kind of made me anxious while reading because of a fast pace.  And when I say fast pace the events did not go very fast, but I felt like the author was pushing the reader through the book not at my pace.  But the pace did slow down a few chapters in, and I got found the reading relaxing.

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