October 4, 2011

Walk for Farm Animals

So I recently became a vegetarian.  And I did it because I did not want to be a part of the cruelty toward animals that happens on factory farms.  I have posted one thing earlier .

So this weekend I went to a vegetarian event, where lots of people come out and hang out at an eating place.  It was weird, but I ended up really having a good time.  And it is so good that I went because I met a girl named Ana, see her blog here, and she told me about this walk that is happening at the end of the month.  Its called Walk for Farm Animals.  The money raised by this walk is donated to animal sanctuaries so that they can stay open and save animals from awful conditions.  So I immediately knew that I would sign up.

So today I officially signed up.  I have created a fundraising page for anyone who wants to support the cause.  I want to raise $100 so that I can get a t-shirt.  It seems pretty expensive for a t-shirt, I admit, but maybe with lots of people chipping in a little bit of money I can make it.

This will lead to the profile page that I created.  I am also posting it on the top of my blog so that I can show others what it is all about and maybe see if they are interested.

I would appreciate any support, but there is no obligation.  I just wanted to make people aware of it, in the hopes that maybe if this is happening in your area you may want to take part in it.


  1. Congrats on your decision to become a vegetarian! I've been one for 8 years and have never looked back. I've toured an animal sanctuary before and they are wonderful places. I wish you luck with your walk!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  2. Good for you! I have been supporting better conditions and rescue for farm animals since high school. I was vegetarian for over 10 years, but had to switch for health reasons. I have a severe case of fibromyalgia and it has helped some to put different proteins in my body. I shop only at Whole Foods, though. I have always campaigned animal rights. You are doing a good thing.

    A lot of people don't think eating vegetarian can be yummy, buy it can. I still eat vegetarian most meals, but added in a few with animal proteins. I still feel guilty, though, but my health is important too.


    I'm over from the Thoughtful Thursday Hop. It's my first Thursday participating. I am a dark fiction author. I've got an article by vampire author, Billie Sue Mosiman this week, and interview with dark fiction author Armand Rosamilia, and a booklist of cemetery histoy books. Hope you stop by.

    Nice to meet you.


  3. Awesome idea. Isn't it fun when a new friend pops up in an expected place?