December 11, 2013

Long Walks at Christmas Time

Tonight I went on a long walk.  It was one of those walks that I needed to clear my head.  Sometimes my brain just ruminates on the same topic over and over again for hours and I end up obsessing and working myself up over things I can't control.  This is an ongoing problem that makes me unable to relax and move forward.  To help combat this circular thinking today I went on a long walk around my neighborhood. 

The scenery was amazing.  I couldn't help but look up at the setting sun and be amazed at the shadows it made on the mountains.  Not only was the scenery gorgeous, but the christmas decorations put a smile on my face.

In my neighborhood people go a little crazy with christmas decorations - but in a good way.  I do love christmas lights, but this year I feel so much more in the holiday spirit coming home from work everyday and seeing these gorgeous light displays.  Obviously since I took my walk while the sun was setting I wasn't able to take pictures of all the houses with there lights on, but don't worry, those pictures will be coming soon. There were so many cute decorations, so here are a few I hope make you smile. 

Typical AZ Chirstmas "Snowman"

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