January 2, 2012

Side Note

I recently finished the book "206 Bones" by Kathy Reichs.

Another book that is like the television show "Bones."  I love this show.  So I think/thought I would like this book.  I tried very hard to like this book.  For me Kathy Reichs puts way way to much plot into her books.  There are at least four story lines going on at once.  I write down all the names and how they relate to one another, but by the end of the book I have no idea who anyone is anymore, because some people have been mentioned only one or two times.  Plus with the multitude of characters I try to picture each one, and give them a face, but with so many I get confused as to who is who.  On a positive note:  The book is pretty suspenseful, and keeps you reading.  She is very crafty in that the ends of the chapters are all cliff hangers, and it takes all the self discipline you have to put the book down.  So parts of the book are very good, like the main plot, but at the same time all the extra plot confuses me, and is a major negative while I am reading.

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