January 6, 2015

Its that Time of Year AGAIN :/

January 1st starts our thoughts of creating New Year's Resolutions. And oh the New Year's resolutions we make. I know that many people set resolutions to lose weight, eat better, and pay down debt. Once we have made them, then we think we must be perfect at them. Sometimes we go a whole week/month being on our best behavior, only to them get bored or lazy doing something we don't love. The standard resolutions we make to eat well, and exercise often fail because we don't know how to make them happen.

Last year was the first time I actually made resolutions and wrote them down. I was actually inspired by pinterest because they have those great lists of ideas of what to try in the new year. I hung my list up, and kept everything in mind for a good two months, before telling myself that I was too busy to continue, and lost some of my passion for the things I had once wanted to do.

 As you can see this list from last year didn't really fit my needs, seeing as how I only filled in half of the blanks. This year I am making my own list, and on my list I will be putting three resolutions on it.

You read that right only three.  I have been reading and learning about being successful with setting SMART goals, and how to implement small steps to make them happen.  So this year I will have a few over-arching goals that I will keep up with throughout the year, but they are not necessarily going to be the only things I am going to focus on. 

Recap of 2014
- I found a new job, doing something that I like, and don't want to give up. Of course the job is not perfect, but its working for now.
- Be bold. That is one idea that will still be on my life goals. But 2014 was a year of me being bold. Putting myself out there to people, picking things for my own happiness, and not waiting around.
- I wanted to learn to play the piano in 2014.  I still would like to know piano, but its something I am not really ready to put time into.  Or I have other goals that are taking precedent, so I won't be doing that any time soon.
- As you can see I also wanted to go to Disneyland. But again that wasn't a huge priority. I put my money elsewhere, and wasn't saving it for Disney.
- My hiking goal. Wow! did I overestimate myself. And of course I have convinced myself that I could not have reached that goal even if I wanted to... because its really hot in AZ during the summer, and I didn't always want to go alone, then it took up so much of my time... on and on, do you see a pattern here?

So as you can see I made some goals based on what this worksheet said, and they weren't really my priorities.  So this year I am taking it month by month doing things that will make me happier, and take me closer to where I want to be professionally and financially. Small steps will hopefully help me to reach my ultimate goals.

Wait for my next post to see my 2015 goals. And...

Enjoy celebrating the New Year!

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