January 13, 2015

Re-Newed Obsession

Well, this obsession is more of a re-newed obsession.


In high school my best friend took me to a nail supply store, which was a little sketchy the first time I went, but the polishes were so pretty, and cheap. We went crazy at that supply store. Every few weeks we would hit this little shop up, getting 3-5 nail polishes each, and having nail polish parties whenever possible. 

In college I kept my nail polishes close by, but the obsession was curbed due to not having another passionate polisher around. 

Then I got on the fake nail band-wagon. I love them so much. The perfect-ness, the shine, the lack of hang nails. Oh, it was so beautiful! 

Then I switched jobs and am not making as much money, so I have had to let go of my fake nail obsession. After growing out my damaged nails they are stronger than ever and in prime condition for polishing.  And how could I have a nail polish obsession without having a new polish brand obsession?! I know! My new brand obsession is Julep. And the think that sent me over the edge for this polish is the fact that its VEGAN! And they are supposed to have oxygen technology which helps your nails stay strong under the nail polish, which was a big draw for me.

AHHHHH! They have so much nail polish! and it looks so beautiful. They sure make it appealing, and for me, its hard to resist. Last week I got a "holiday specials" packet, and things were such a good deal I had to have them. So my wallet took a big hit. But my nails will look good all winter long.

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