January 11, 2015

Music Playing in my Mind

I have a bit of an obsession with music. It plays in my head all day long, and when I get really bored I find I need music to entertain me, even to motivate me. For the past week I haven't been able to get out of bed without first blasting music on my phone.

This week I am obsessed with: MUSIC!

Taylor Swift, Shake it Off

I love the words, and the whole song is so much fun! The music video though, not my fav, thus it is not here.

The lyrics that speak to me, that I just must emphasize
"My ex man brought his new girlfriend,
she's like Oh My God,
and I'm just gonna shake it to the fella' over there with the hella good hair
won't you come on over here,
we can shake shake shake"

The words just oooz 'sass. I love!

5 Seconds of Summer, Amnesia

Oh, this so speaks to me and how it hurts when you lose someone. 
The words all just work, and I think you can feel it in their voices.
Ahhhh, let my new anthem ring...

Colby Caillat, Try
Its for when you feel like things are getting you down,
and you just need to let it go and do you.

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