January 4, 2015

New Best Friend

A few months ago I added a new addition to my family.

Its a new guinea pig!!! Okay, he is not new like a baby guinea pig, I adopted him from the Humane Society. He is two years old and was named Ruffles.  I know, I know, not a boys name. But when they are young you can't tell what sex they are, so mistakes are made.

The decision to buy him was quite impulsive actually. I have always wanted to help animals from shelters by giving them a home, but that usually means a dog or a cat, and right now that's not possible. So when they advertised they had guinea pigs and rabbits I was down at the shelter the next day and picked this guy up.  I bought some supplies for him, but I was ill prepared and did make him live in a large cardboard box for three days. :/

Since then we have bonded. We have play time and cuddle time. Did you know guinea pigs are social animals and long for companionship? So interacting with him is important. I am trying to pair him up with another buddy, but I have yet to find a single unbonded male. I have reservations about putting him with a bonded pair already because I don't want them to gang up on him, and possibly make it harder to form a bond. 

One thing that I struggle with when grooming my baby is clipping his nails. This guinea pig is the squirmiest little guy you have ever met, so getting a good hold on his paws is hard. The vet even said he was the most rambunctious guinea pig she had seen in awhile. Usually to get him to sit still I wrap him in a towel like a burrito.

Everyday he finds new ways to be adorable. And while I talk to him every day, he has yet to any interest in conversing. And he only squeaks/purrs when I pet him, so there is little to let me know I am doing a good job.
Sitting with me on the couch

Laying in his house on the bed

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