September 26, 2011

Criminal Minds

I am so HAPPY you have no idea!!!! I am super happy the Criminal Minds directors/writers decided to put the original cast back together.  They are all awesome as a unit, as well as wonderful on their own.  Anyways, this season finale was soooooooo good.  I had just begun to miss criminal minds after not watching the last season (because they replaced people), and this exceeded all my expectations! It was lovely.  All the characters were reintroduced, they all kind of made amends about whatever happened last season, and the story ended happily.  Of course next week we will be back to catching crazy killers, but this week's episode kind of started the season right.  It closed a part of the previous story lines, but also kept possibilities open for the changes that will happen this season. 

I loved this season premiere.  And usually premieres are mediocre, but this one was awesome! so I wanted to voice my opinion. 

If this entices you to want to watch the full episode the first part can be found HERE.

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