September 25, 2011

Unconventional Halloween Idea

I stumbled upon a great craft idea for Halloween.  Its something I am very excited about because its unconventional and I dont have to get a pumpkin. 

Its a aluminum jack-o-lantern!

The how to is pretty simple.  If you want to see the original click here, otherwise keep reading. 

With an empty and clean can, peel off the wrapping. 
With the can upside down (the open end down) draw on your face.
Use a box cutter to cut away the face.
To put a light through mark and X at the top.  With the box cutter cut the X and fold corners down inside the can (be careful!).
Then put the lamp cord through the can and close the X up.
Place the wrapper back around the can and your done.

I strayed with creating my pumpkin can.  I made my pumpkin  upside down, but then I used one of the little tea lights that are battery powered to light mine.  I was not going to play around with electrical stuff.  I am also thinking of putting a candle in one.  And if I do I think I will have to put some kind of whole in the top to keep the flame going.

Obviously this person was joe cool and used a pumpkin pie can.  I used an ordinary piece of paper for mine because we dont have any pumpkin pie cans lying around yet.  I am also thinking about trying another one with tissue paper do the light gets through easier.

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  1. Very creative! I can't wait to try this with my son - he'll love it!

    Your newest follower,