September 19, 2011

Documentary Days

Absolutely Safe:  This movie is for anyone thinking about having breast implants.  This movie shows negative effects of  silicon implants specifically.  It doesn't do it use scare tactics to try to get you to not have surgery, it's more informative and lays out what has happened to regular people in an up front way.  There are a few parts with graphic images, but this is used sparingly, and does not have a negative effect on the movie's message.  

This documentary takes you through the process of how food is  grown.  Many of the ideas are the same as other documentaries like food,inc. and food matters.  It discusses how factory farming is harmful to the environment and to our nutrition. This documentary also shows that local farmers are the better bet, but that they are still struggling.  It is hard for farmers to sustain their business.  Big farms are able to produce more and get more money from the government to run their operations.  While small local farmers may be the answer there are too few of them, and it is hard for them to make a good enough living for it to be worthwhile for more people to join into the farming business.  This movie shows that there is hope and that things are changing.  Small incremental changes, wherever they happen are better that no progress at all.

Vanishing Bees:  You have all heard that the bees are dying right?  Its a big issue.  Mostly because bees are essential to plant pollination and are needed to pollinate most of our foods.  This documentary takes you through what has become known as colony collapse, where bees simply abandon their hives.  No one knows why, but they just stop coming back to the hive.  This has economic repercussions because if we cannot grow our own food we are in deep deep trouble.  One part I thought was very interesting is that some people are suggesting that the pesticides  being used to treat our plants are having negative effects on the bees.  I believe this argument,  but and not sure why it would cause them to abandon their hive.  Pesticides have hazardous chemicals, and if a tiny bee were the inject those chemical they would have a much larger effect than say if a human ingested the same amount.  Bees are smaller and therefore are more dramatically effected by changes in the environment.  Its scary to think about, and I know that I would have no interest in the topic had it not been for this documentary.  One thing I suggest and encourage people to do is to buy honey that comes from the United States, it keeps the bee farmers in the US in business, and is the real deal.  Did you know that many bee keepers are going out of business because their bees are abandoning their hives?  And that we are even importing bees from other countries to pollinate our crops?  its becoming a major crisis for the US.  But at a time where food can be shipped all over the world in a matter of days it have not yet become a big problem that our food doesn't get pollinated.  One day though I am sure that there will be a major crisis where we will be able to see the impact of having no bees around.

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