September 11, 2011

More Turtles

I really love turtles.

Last week I had to take my Sulcata Mogli to the vet.  She was having problems with her eyelids.  They have a third eyelid that was puffy and red, and took a long time to uncover the eye.  It made me worry.  And then she started breathing really hard.  So I got more worried.  On monday I was in a craze and had to get into the vet. (But this happened two weeks ago) 

The vet was very nice.  He's about the best.  His name is Michael Keidrowshi, you can see his profile HERE.  He said that tortoises like this will breath harder as they get older.  The bigger they are the more noise they will make when they breath.  So some noises are normal.  And mogli's eye had subsided, the doc said that bugs or grass may get in there and irritate it.    And the doc said that mogli is definitely a girl.  Good to know.  And he also said that she had tripled in size since the year before! She is nine pounds now.  There is absolutely no way to pick her up with one hand, its crazy.

So since we are back home and when I give all the tortoises a bath mogli still has problems with her eye some times.  So I pick her up, and wipe her eye trying to get the dirt or grass out of it.  She lets me wipe her eye and I can get whatever it is out in two or three wipes.  I am still really worried when her eye gets all red, but the doctor said it will happen a lot throughout a tortoises life, and that goes for all of them.

We have taken some more great pictures too.
Square got tired while eating, so decided to take a nap right there
"I'm trapped" - water baby
Cuddling Turtles
Tortoise Pyramid
"What? This is comfortable for me." - no name

Mogli is trying to get onto the bottom.  We have a stair in the backyard, and the ramp to get up and down was not up, so she was finding a different way down.  The potted plant is on the divide between the top and bottom.  She was stuck there, so I had to pick her up and move her down.
It was very hot outside so the turtles roamed the tiled kitchen.
They are hiding under the compost can.
This is the pool I give them a bath in.  It was flipped this way to dry, that is freckles sitting inside it.  She tried to move in there and it ended up falling off the step so she was stuck underneath for a little while.

This woman must love turtles as much as I do. 

Hamburger Turtle

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