May 29, 2011

Grardening Project

I have begun a little garden.  For years the backyard at my mom's house has become a desert, no grass or trees, just annoying weeds.  This summer I am trying to change that.  We have planted a patch (emphasis on patch) of grass, using sod from the home depot, and several hibiscus plants.  The decision to make a garden had to do with our tortoises.

Our tortoises (but I call them turtles), are two years old and eat a lot.  Last year we learned that we had to start feeding the turtles grass and flowers in order for them to grow healthy.  So we need to grow our own grass and flowers in order for the turtles to have food.

I am writing to tell you that I have managed to keep the grass and plants ALIVE! It is quite exciting, being that I have just jumped into this endeavor.  Recently I planted some dichondra (clover things), which are sprouting up and making me feel like a competent gardener.

These pictures of the plants do not do my skills justice. You see, the turtles go around eating all the leaves off the bottom of the plants so they look like they are not growing.  And my dichondra really aren't that big, obviously, but that are sprouting, which means I am doing something right.  Every little sprout encourages me to continue learning about making my garden.

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