May 26, 2011


Last week I finished the book "Specials" by Scott Westerfeld. I have to say this is my favorite book in his trilogy. The two previous books were "Uglies" and "Pretties."

In this book the main characters are 'special' and are able to do incredible things with absolute freedom. Tally is still in an internal battle of finding her place is in the world, and struggling to find out who she is.

This is similar to the first book in that there is suspense that pushes the book forward, and makes you not want to put the book down.  What I think makes this book great is that there is a 'cure' to being 'pretty.'  The people in this book are rejecting societal norms and creating a new way of life.  This book is a kind of metaphor for hope, in that  people can work together to bring about change.

I recommend this series to everyone.  It is categorized as a 'teen' book, which means anyone can read it.  I think that the series brings up good thoughts about the environment, socialization, and being independent.  I am sure there are so many other things to say about this book, but I don't want to ruin the series by giving you lots of details about the book.

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