May 16, 2011

the 'Uglies'

I recently joined an online book club you can see here.  This months book is "Uglies" by scott westerfeld.  It is a great book.  Its a teen novel, so it reads pretty fast, but it is none-the-less one of the best reads.  I wouldn't consider it teen, it seems pretty adult to me, but what do I know?  There are a lot of ideas thrown discretely into the book that refer to today's society and questions the values that society currently holds.  Its strange the book takes a futuristic point of view, but its a future that is a result from the way things are now (or at least something that seems plausible in the far future).  The story is about a girl of 16 who decides between being an ugly or a pretty, so I can see how maybe its considered 'teen.'

The book ends in a cliff hanger, and it was only then that I knew it was a series.  Thankfully for me the whole series has been written so I can read them all at once and not have to wait for any.  Upon finishing the "Uglies" I went on the library site and found there was a long line for the second book of the series "pretties", so I went to the bookman's down the street, they didn't have it, so I had to stop at barns and noble because I just cannot wait to start reading the next one.  I am already on the waiting list at the library for the third and fourth book of the series so that when I am done reading this one I will not have to wait to start devouring the next.

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