May 10, 2011


Hi! my name is Amy.  I am a graduate student who is having a bit of a quarter-life crisis.  I am taking the summer off from school, no summer school or even thinking about next semester.  This semester has beat me down.  I have been so unmotivated, and completely indifferent to classes.  The only joy in my life right now is, well, shopping.  That's lame.  This summer will be me finding inspiration, maybe trying new things, and doing some well deserved relaxing.

My hobbies includes: crafting (scrap-booking, painting, some amateur jewelry making), reading, dollar store shopping, playing outside with the kids I baby sit, doing crafts with kids, crochet, and watching TV.
But I am so ready to learn other hobbies, I mean I get bored really easily, so I need to have many things that can occupy my time. 

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