July 26, 2011

Birthday Toffee

I found a recipe for toffee here at Mom Makes It Happen.  I know my dad likes toffee, so I thought I would make it for him for his birthday.  I like this recipe because it is not overcomplicated and is also pretty specific about how to make the toffee.  I thought this recipe was easy to follow and led me in the right direction to end up with good toffee. 
My mom says that making candy is hard for a lot of people, but that my batch was really good.  I thought this recipe was easy to follow and led me in the right direction to end up with good toffee.

Mom Makes It Happen gives you the how to to good toffee making.

When using this recipe it is very important that you have a candy thermometer.  That is how you can tell when the sugar liquid is ready to be poured into your pan. 

Another thing I changed was to use way more chocolate, and to add it only two minutes after pouring the toffee out of the pan.  I have made the toffee twice (once for home, once for my dad) and both times the chocolate layer was soooooo tiny.  So next time I will melt chocolate another way then add it on top, maybe two or three layers.  My family likes a lot of chocolate.  And you must remember to slide the liquid all over the pan to make it thinner so that your bites are not through half an inch of toffee.  Ok, I am exaggerating, but my first batch was very thick and hard to eat.
Some thick pieces in here


  1. That looks really, really tasty. : )

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  2. Love this toffee! It looks delish.

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