July 16, 2011

My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things this week.  They make me extra happy all the time.

new light cover, which I made and am planning to sell similar ones when I start my etsy store.

A picture of the niece and I

My favorite song this week, and month really comes from Tangled.  The song played at the very end of the movie, at the beginning of the credits, which is probably overlooked because it is at the end.  The song is called Something That I Want, and its linked to a youtube video.

Something That I Want Lyrics
She's a girl with the best intentions
He's a man of his own invention
She looked out of the window
He walked out the door
But she followed him
And he said, "What'cha lookin' for?"

She said, "I want something that I want.
Something that I tell myself I need
Something that I want
And I need everything I see."

Repeat Chorus

He's been livin' in a pure illusion
She's gonna come to her own conclusion
Right when you think you know what to say
Someone comes along and shows you a brand new way


It's so easy to make believe,
it seems you're livin' in a dream
Don't you see that what you need
is standing in front of you?


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