July 21, 2011

Kids puppet

I had another idea for a kids craft, which I thought was great.

It was a zebra with moving legs.  So what I did was to print out a picture of a zebra, then cropped the image in word to get extra front and back legs.  I also made two zebra copies, that is why there are so many extra legs.

So I had the boys color on  them, because they like to color and they love zebra's (they were excited just for the pictures).

Then I cut out the zebra - with legs, and the extra legs. 

The next step is to cut off the attached legs.  Grab some craft brads ( see pic to your left) that will allow you to attach the individual legs to the zebra body. 

After attaching the legs I taped a popsicle stick to the back so that it was like a puppet.  You could also put popsicle sticks on individuals legs to make them easier to move.

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  1. hello there.
    just wanted to come over and say thank you for the sweet comment.
    i am very lucky to have a sister to practice hair on! she is a good sport.
    it didn't take too long, probably about 15 minutes. it would take days if i ever tried to do that style on my own hair!