July 19, 2011

Breakfast cookies

Breakfast cookies.  Always a good thing.  No matter what.  I read a blog called Love, Life and Lollipops, where Eve makes amazing vegan food, and shares her recipes.  I am no vegan, but I decided to make these anyway because they seemed easy, and she said these could be used for dessert of breakfast.  I am one of those persons who leaves without breakfast because my stomach aches just thinking about food.  Most of the time I would be fine not eating until after 11, but with work I cannot eat whenever I want, so I try daily to eat, and often times I just throw the breakfast away when I get to work because it repulses me (maybe that's too strong a word, but its close). 

So anyways, I found this recipe yesterday, and this morning after work went to the store (for brown rice syrup and whole almonds) and made the cookies.  They turned out super amazing.

They are called Vegan Thumbprints.  I am just going to call them thumb prints.

It is a pretty simple recipe, minus the ground almonds. To ground them I put whole almonds in my magic bullet and ground them into very small pieces.  Make sure you don't blend for too long or it may turn into almond butter.  And I also took her suggestion to chop the oats a little to make them smaller. When mixing the ingredients Eve suggests adding water if it is too dry.  Well I thought mine was too dry so I added 1/4 cup of water, and when I was putting the dough out on the trays it was very gooie, so I think next time I won't be adding water.
The end of my dough and jam

And the brown rice syrup I found at sprouts for $3.50 so it was a good deal for me.

These cookies did turn out very good.   The batch at first seemed really big, but if you eat three at a time I can see how they will go fast.

I was so excited I kept checking them every few minutes.  Making my cooking time longer, but they still worked out very well. 

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